Which do we abandon?

With all thanks to Leonardo DiCapriano!

Having just viewed “Before The Flood”, my commitment to double my efforts to wake the world was instantaneous. 

If we’re going to solve this problem, and reduce the future harm to our children . . . If we’re going to make the effort to save our children’s future . . . we have NO choice other than heed what is stated at:  http://www.ObamasMessage.com and do so immediately!

Remember, as stated by President Obama: The Paris Agreement is a start. But we must do much more, on a personal level. WE must change our lives in a way that denies the power of marketing over our children and their natural desires to see our wishes for them fulfilled.

We must curtail our desires to have “More!” of whatever. We must end our love affair with “Our Prized Mobility”. We must learn to be content with learning about each other, and accepting each other. And not allow religious beliefs to permit fools . . . heeding the lies of greater fools . . . to seek control over others. All such madness must end. It must, or we should inform our children that we have abandoned them to a horrible and non-survivable future.

Leonardo Dicapriano said he was horrified by what he had seen in his extended effort to inform himself and put that much needed movie together. I urge all to view it! Immediately! 

The nature of the threat of the “Tipping Point” leading to a Non-Reversible HeatRise is still not sufficiently understood as to permit any negation of whatever attempts can be generated to stop ALL EMISSIONS. Period

What we can do, and must do,


We can change our eating habits. By removing meat from our diets, and that can be safely done by the majority of humanity, we will remove the unbelievable levels of Methane expelled by cows. We must. We must as the release of Methane primes and provokes the release of other “Trapped greenhouse gases" due our lifestyle “conditioning” to find the means to pay for the meat we choose to eat. Those closely related emissions, cumulatively, are a lethal threat to our survival. Indeed, a threat to the survival of life on the planet. Including the fish in our oceans.

We MUST store all personal vehicles, and never use them again! By such actions we end the emissions produced via their use, and the emissions produced in their production process and the emissions produced in the processes to build the mining machines and the mills that process the ores from which we produce our metals and everything else used in various related production processes, including efforts to discover natural resources that are necessary to all of the other processes, which, together, contribute large amounts of lethal emissions to our atmosphere.

There is NO easy solution to that which we should have confronted, at the latest, in the 70’s and 80’s. And everything that we do shall have to be maintained until Earth regains a temperature equilibrium that previously existed. We must also prepare ourselves for a very real probability that we have waited too long and the planet is lost to us; and our hoped for progeny.

To repeat: We must change. And if “we” can’t change, if we can’t bid “Goodbye!” to “Our Prized Mobility” . . .  we must then decide whether or not to allow anyone to ever tell our children, before they reach the age of maturity, of the reality that our continued actions in complete disregard of the knowledge of what we face . . . MOCKS the very meaning of “Education” and our purported love for them and our stated concern for their welfare throughout life.

Our past determination to ignore what we well knew would soon threaten our existence MUST be confronted. 

And with that statement we must include the need to confront every politician or political supporter of politicians who facilitated the rape of our world for profit.

All of them must be brought to account as, their lies aside, they well knew that their determination to profit from whatever pollution they were prepared to put into “OUR” atmosphere must be made subject to penal consequences.

There is no other way that such miscreants can be stopped!


Jailing them, under the same conditons they sought to have all of the under-privileged forced to exist due their need to protect the grab of their greed  . . is the sole punishment that, should we save our planet “this time”, might dissuade other criminals from repeating such.


Pass the word!

Our efforts have to multiply!


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When Do We

Tell The Children?

To a safer, saner

and more caring world.

To Duty.

Daniel J. Lavigne


"The Tax Refusal"

© Daniel J. Lavigne 2016