is an effort to have

all become aware

that the now

Non-Stop Global HeatRise

is, in fact,

“A Life Extinction Event”


An event that offers

no hope of a sure solution,

other than that offered 

by immediately storing



There is no avoiding what

must be said and done

in order that we might prevent

the establishment of a

“Climate Change Tipping Point”

at which time there shall be

nothing further that we can do,

other than try to understand


we did this to ourselves. 

To help maintain and grow

this effort to spread the word 

. . to everyone . .


You are asked to contribute


of your travel costs via

“PayPal” payment to

with a personal follow-up message

containing the relevant flight

information and stating your

determination to help end

our reliance on fossil fuels.


Upon receipt of that Donation

and that message,

which must emanate

from the same email address

utilized to make your

1% contribution to the effort:

You or your estate, in the event

of a Flight Mishap leading to the

death, by accident, of anyone on

Board that Flight, shall receive a


Cash Payout upon providing

proof of presence on board the

so afflicted Flight.

Spread The Word!

Mommas! Poppas!

Tell Your Teens!

Store All Cars

Or Lose Your Dreams!

Mommas! Poppas!

Tell No lies!

If the Heat Keeps Rising:

We All Die!

Thank you.

To a safer, saner

and more caring world.

To Duty!

Daniel J. Lavigne, Founder

“The Tax Refusal

© Daniel J. Lavigne 2016